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Interchange Plus Pricing


One of the perks of Interchange Plus is that it protects you from fees that may increase your processing costs. It clearly shows you what cards, banks, and credit card processors are charging when processing a payment. No sneaky surprises here!

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Cost Savings

Interchange Plus tends to boost cost savings since you’ll no longer be overpaying on transactions that have lower processing fees like you would with flat-rate pricing.

Benefit of Terminals

Apex Payment Solutions is happy to provide terminal options that work best for you and your patients. We do not lease the terminals, and they come with zero markups. Apex doesn’t make any money on the terminals — we simply provide the equipment at cost.

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3 Simple Steps

What This Looks Like In Your Practice

Here’s how Interchange Plus Pricing will work in your practice.

Step 1

Your patient pays in-person after receiving treatment.

Step 2

You take on the transparent merchant service fees.

Step 3

Enjoy steady savings as you no longer pay sneaky processing fees.

so long, processing fees

You keep 100% of all your credit card transactions with our Surcharge Program

It's a win-win for you...

By eliminating all credit card fees, our Surcharge Program allows you to keep the entirety of your revenue whenever a patient pays with credit.

Over time, you can end up saving thousands of dollars, allowing you to hire new team members, bring in newer tools and technology, and invest in growing your practice like never before.

- 100% legally compliant
- Zero setup costs
- Works with your credit card installment plans
- Personalized support from our team

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...and your patients.

Just as you give patients options on treatment, the Surcharge Program gives patients plenty of choices when it comes time to checkout.

So are patients now stuck with paying a convenience fee or surcharge? Nope. They can avoid processing fees by paying with debit card, cash, or check. Everyone wins!

Try It Out With A Free Terminal

Apex also provides a FREE terminal when you sign up with our Surcharge Program. You can test it out for a few months and if you no longer want it, Apex will switch it back to our traditional Interchange Plus rate.

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Non-Cash Adjustment

Apex Payment Solutions is proud to provide a cash discounting program that allows you to continue to accept all major credit cards without losing 3-4% in processing fees.

Both you and your patients can enjoy savings all around: you get to avoid incurring any credit card fees and patients receive a discount on the total cost of care.

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