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Gaby’s Apex experience

“We love using Apex, it’s so simple to use and the online resources are easy to navigate.”

- Gaby from Fremont Family Dentistry

Dr. Allison

Dr. Allison's Apex experience

“So glad we switched. Things are seamless and we love the wireless terminals!”

- Dr. Allison from Allison & Associates

Dr. Earl's Apex experience

"We implemented an in-office membership plan and are using the scheduled payment through the online platform to do this. It’s nice that it is all encrypted as well."

- Dr. Earl

APEX Clover Flex

All-in-One Platform

The Benefits

Keeping your patient payment data all in one place.

Seamlessly Sync with Your Terminal
Patient payment info is automatically sent to your platform.
Robust Dashboard
Get a 30,000 foot overview of collections, analytics, and so much more.
Tailored to You
Customize the dashboard to fit your unique practice needs.

3 Simple Steps

What This Looks Like In Your Practice

Here’s an inside look at how the All-in-One payment platform will perform in your practice.

APEX payment example

Step 1

First, the patient will pay for treatment using one of our terminals. 
APEX online example

Step 2

The payment information will transfer to your online platform.
APEX payment example

Step 3

Use the platform to view collections, process payments, set up automated payment plans, and more.

See the Platform in Action

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