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The All-in-One Platform directly integrates with multiple dental software solutions, so all of your information is in one place.

Apex Integrations


Integrating Flex with Apex Payment Solutions provides Open Dental users with a collection of smart and easy-to-use tools that supercharge and simplify your practice workflows.

Apex Integrations


CareStack creates a robust, cohesive payment reporting platform that allows you to take payments in the office, via text message, your website, and via automated billing plans.

Apex Integrations

Modento DI

Integrating Modento DI with Apex Payment Solutions allows you have all of your text, email, in-office, and online payments synch directly into the All-in-One Platform.

Apex Integrations


Integrating Kasper with Apex Payment Solutions helps you seamlessly run your dental practice, communicate with patients, and manage appointments.

Apex Integrations


PatientXpress is a full-service software that allows virtual or in-office payments to flow into the All-in-One Platform.

Industry Leaders

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Shared Practices

Led by dentists, Shared Practices is a consulting company built to help the modern dentist navigate their path through the industry. They consult with students, pre-owners, associates, and owners to help scale their businesses in a meaningful way.

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Richard, Shared Practices
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Dr. Jason L Dental Disrupt

Dental Disrupt

With a Facebook group of over 30k members, Dental Disrupt provides dentists with the space to network, ask questions, share ideas, and get a pulse on the latest news in the dental industry.

The Pathway

The Pathway is a continuing education program for dentists that was founded by Justin Moody, DDS. Dr. Moody’s vision is to give all dentists a pathway where they can improve their skills through continuing education and provide a hands-on component with live patients in the USA.

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Justin Moody
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Dr. Grace Yum

Mommy Dentists In Business

Through their podcast, webinar series, and live events, Mommy Dentists in Business provides support and community for dentists as they navigate motherhood, their profession, and owning their own business.

Dentistry In General

With over 5k members, Dentistry in General is a dentist-only Facebook group that allows you to connect with dentists, share ideas, and learn more about the profession with other like-minded individuals.

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Dental A Team

The Dental A Team believes that practice management should be made easy and fun! They’ve helped over 200 dentists and their teams build a profitable dental practice and increase their revenue by 10-30% in the first 60 days for in-person consulting clients.

Nifty Thrifty

Led by dentist Glenn Vo, Nifty Thrifty is a community geared toward helping dental professionals spend money on what really matters in their business and life. The Nifty Thrifty website houses free dental discounts as well as a blog, podcast, Facebook group, and other resources to help your practice get to the next level.

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Jennifer, Prosperity Dental

Prosperity Dental Solutions

Prosperity Dental Solutions is a company that provides consulting and coaching services to dental practices in order to help them improve their business operations, increase profitability, and enhance patient care. Their services include practice management, financial analysis, team training, marketing, and leadership development. They aim to empower dental professionals with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to build successful and thriving practices.

KLAS Solutions

At KLAS Solutions, the company's objective is to serve as a reliable partner from start to finish for your Dental Practice. They take pride in providing an array of solutions encompassing Coaching, Transitions, Tax & Accounting, and Real Estate, all of which are designed to surpass clients' expectations. The company's commitment to going the extra mile reflects their dedication to restoring clients' envisioned practices.

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