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Apex Payment Solutions prides itself on offering exceptional credit card processing rates, the ability to accept payments with efficiency and ease, and outstanding customer support.

We truly understand your questions, goals, and practice nuances because we’ve lived them! 75% of our team has experience working in a dental office, so we are able to answer your questions with detailed responses specifically tailored to a practice environment. 

We know that your area of expertise is dentistry and patient care, so let us take care of the payment side of growing your business!

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Dr. Allmand

Co-Founder & COO

Dr. Zachary Allmand

Hi, I'm Dr. Zachary Allmand! I graduated from Indiana University Dental School in 2005.  Post-graduation, I served our country in the United States Air Force for 5 years, deploying to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  After fulfilling my service, I purchased my first dental practice, where I quickly realized that there was much more to running a successful practice than merely being a good clinician.

Within the first year or so, I shifted my focus to overhead reduction in an attempt to control costs without sacrificing clinical excellence.  I quickly learned that there were many aspects of the business where doctors were being taken advantage of, one of the most evident being Credit Card Processing.  As I researched the true cost of merchant services, I realized that it could be done better with more transparency, security, and fair treatment for all offices no matter their volume.

I formed Apex Payment Solutions as a means to educate and assist my colleagues by helping them control their overhead costs, give them reassurance of fair pricing, and provide secure technology that reduces the risk of credit card processing. By providing these services we have helped over 500 dental practices take back control of their expenses and grow their profitability.

At Apex Payment Solutions, our goal is to remove these stresses, so health care professionals can return their focus to what is truly important; caring for their patients.   

Co-Founder & CEO

Jonathun Catapano

Jonathun is a determined entrepreneur who has predominantly worked in the banking industry as a commercial banker and investment advisor throughout his career. He has always prioritized customer service and providing value to his clients, setting himself apart from others in the financial sector.

In 2007, Jonathun met Zak, who had plans to open his own practice in 2016 and needed merchant services. Together, they recognized an opportunity to provide improved solutions for dentists and found a gap in the industry. With his proficiency in processing, customer service, and developing solutions to optimize office efficiency, Jonathun was confident he could make a difference.

As a result, they devoted significant effort to researching and creating a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for dentists, forming Apex. The company focuses on employee well-being and customer satisfaction, resulting in an employee-centric organization that offers exceptional products and services to clients. Combining their individual knowledge and expertise, they built a dental merchant services company that delivers unparalleled service and innovative solutions to the dental community.

Jonathun, APEX Co-founder
APEX Suzanne

CFO, Practicing Dentist

Dr. Suzanne Allmand

Dr. Suzanne Allmand is the Lead Doctor of a successful Dental Partnership Organization practice, and serves as the CFO at Apex Payment Solutions, a rapidly growing Merchant Services Company in the dental field.

Her broad experience as a clinician over the past 17 years has given her valuable insight into various practice models. These experiences include taking a DSO startup to a million-dollar practice in its first year, successful associateships in private practice, teaching as clinical faculty at Indiana University School of Dentistry, and donating her time to a full-service community dental outreach facility.Drawing from her clinical background, financial skills, and organizational abilities, Dr. Allmand excels in her role Apex Payment Solutions. Her goal is to enhance her colleagues' financial acumen and business efficiency for better practice management. Her diverse experiences in dental practice models give her a unique insight into each model's potential for success. These insights help Apex stay attuned to practice needs, allowing us to reduce overhead costs and provide increased value to our clients.

When not in the office she enjoys reading, using her Peloton, learning to play golf, and traveling. She also loves spending quality family time with her husband, Zak, their three children, Lillanne, Layne, & Grayson, and their puppy, Leia.

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We’re not just payment processing gurus — we’re customer service fanatics! With education, expertise, and speedy responses, our team is dedicated to helping you control overhead costs and provide secure solutions that reduce the risk of credit card processing. 


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When we’re not rolling up our sleeves to help doctors, you can catch the Apex team featuring on podcasts such as 

When we’re not rolling up our sleeves to help doctors, you can catch the Apex team featuring on podcasts such as Voices from the bench, Behind the Smiles, The Digital Trae Show,  Shared Practices and Mommy Dentists in Business

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